Greenland Ice Sheet Has Passed A Melting Tipping Point

Some very depressing news today, as the latest scientific research shows that the Greenland Ice Sheet has passed a melting "tipping point", even if we could somehow stop global warming today.

Glaciers are dynamic systems that require a constant replenishment of ice at the top to balance out melting ice at the bottom.  Unfortunately, the rate of ice melt on Greenland has exceeded even the worst case scenarios and precipitation can no longer restore the balance.

Say "hello" to 20 extra feet of permanent high tide, also known as sea level rise.

That's bad news, but it's not too late to save Greenland's ice if we think of solving climate change by speeding up nature's own healing mechanisms.

We can remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere by protecting and restoring natural ecosystems that rapidly sequester carbon dioxide.  That's what SeaTrees is all about.  We restore and protect blue carbon ecosystems, which are the most effective and efficient ecosystems to sequester CO2.  

Read the full scientific paper, Dynamic ice loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet driven by sustained glacier retreat.