Take a Water Break - 2.0!

Step into the world of Water Break, where the rhythm of the waves becomes a symphony of connection.

Recap our journey to the UN Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona, where we joined countless people who have dedicated their lives to restoring and regenerating our Ocean Planet. 

Amidst the bustling conference halls and thought-provoking talks, we joined Protect Blue and Finisterre to launch our second Water Break Session - serving as a space where attendees pause to rekindle their bond with the ocean. 

Five stand-up paddleboard sessions. Five extraordinary groups. Each moment a testament to the power of reconnection, deep breaths, and playful exploration.

A huge thanks to Protect Blue and Finisterre for helping us bring this idea to life again - and enabling so many hard-working folks to get some 'ocean' in their ocean conference. 

Dive in as we recap this Incredible weekend. We hope this film gets you thinking - am I giving as much as I’m taking? Make the Ocean a priority this summer, and we hope that you find your Water Breaks, wherever and whenever you can.