Take a Water Break with SeaTrees

While in Lisbon, Portugal, for the UN Ocean Conference, SeaTrees partnered with ProtectBlue to host the first-ever WaterBreak sessions. Through this experience, we helped ocean advocates reconnect with our #oceanplanet. We invited conference attendees working in the space to come together and have more profound and meaningful conversations that may not have necessarily happened inside the conference rooms.

Although the UNOC is over, the WaterBreak sessions live on. Our 55+ attendees will return home with new ideas and a renewed connection with the ocean. And for SeaTrees, we wrapped up our week in Portugal and put together a video with ProtectBlue to show you how incredible this experience was. Check it out below!

HORIZONTAL - SeaTrees Water Break


Take your own WaterBreak today and head out for a surf, swim, or whatever your favorite way to connect with the ocean may be. And while you’re at it, go above and beyond by planting your own SeaTree! No tree and no #oceanpositive action is too small. Just wait and see what it grows into. Our guess? A healthier and happier Ocean Planet.

During our WaterBreak sessions, we took scientists, conference attendees, brand partners, and the next generation of youth leaders out into the water and gave them an unforgettable experience of connecting with our Ocean Planet.

Part of our SeaTrees mission is to make these types of experiences available for all people to get involved - particularly our youth ambassadors and leaders. We aim to give them a platform to voice their opinions and discuss the kind of world they want to create in the years to come. 

One of our SeaTrees ambassadors is Milan Lombardo, a youth activist leader with a vision of an #oceanpositive future.

In his recent YouTube video, he travels across the country to spread his message and connect with YesTheory and SeaTrees brand partner Seek Discomfort. Being an OceanPositive SeaTrees partner, Seek Discomfort is the embodiment of the world Milan is advocating to create. 

This story is full of serendipity, exciting moments, and unexpected events. I hope that through watching it, you all walk away feeling inspired to go create an incredible opportunity in your life.” - SeaTrees Youth Ambassador Milan Lombardo.

To learn more about Milan’s #oceanpositive journey, check out his YouTube video below!


And don’t forget! If you’re in the San Diego area this weekend, come join us at our anniversary event with Burgeon Beer and get yourself a can of our #kelptastic Reclaim The Sea collaboration brew! We’ll be raffling off some great #oceanpositive prizes - like a brand new Firewire Surfboard.

We look forward to SEAing you there!