Breaking News - Kelp Needs Our Help

Last week SeaTrees co-founder Michael Stewart hopped on the air with NBC Bay Area to dive into the health of California's coast as climate change accelerates the degradation of our local kelp forests. 95% of the historical kelp forests along the coast of California have disappeared in the last ten years, and if we don't continue to #ActNow, they could be lost forever. Check out this video of #kelponthenews and hear Michael's inside scoop on saving these sequoias of the sea.

Our SeaTrees project in Palos Verdes, CA is making big moves in the effort to bring back our kelp forests - and you can too! Restore a sq-ft of kelp forest in your name here and join us to #HelptheKelp.

Sustainable Surf takes the Surf Park Summit

Humans everywhere have been creating technology for having fun while sliding around on water for thousands of years. But the explosion of wave pool technology in modern surf culture is a brand new toy we’re all trying to wrap our heads around.

Since the first surfboard was ever ridden (back when all boards were ecoboards), the traditional sport has counted on the ocean and the natural world.

However as time as passed we have discovered new ways to enjoy the sport we all love, and thus the revolution of the human-made wave began. As with anything made by humans, there are risks involved - almost all being risks to our ocean planet.

Which is why we attended the Surf Park Summit last week on the beach at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA

We hope to bring awareness to the need to keep climate and environmental impacts low - and the positive benefits for the ocean high. Come behind the scenes with SeaTrees to check out co-founder Kevin Whilden speaking at the Sustainability Spotlight panel.

Kevin brought attention to why he thinks the new surf parks that are currently in the planning stage, need to be thinking bout their sustainability plans ASAP, and how some of those plans should involve planting SeaTrees in the ocean!


Can Coastal Blue Carbon Practices Restore the Climate?

Today Kevin will join fellow #climateaction experts at the Coastal Blue Carbon Practices Panel from 1-2 pm. This panel will discuss the Coastal Blue Carbon Practices through a climate restoration lens.

Join us in exploring the potential of Coastal Blue Carbon Practices and how they can deliver scalable, financeable, durable, and equitable #climaterestoration outcomes. Click here to learn more about the Foundation for Climate Restoration, and if you're interested in virtually attending the panel, sign up here!