Food 🍣 + Wine 🍷 = Kelp 🌿 + Happiness 😎

 2021 is humming along and we (us and you) are on track to reach our first goal of planting + protecting 1 Million SeaTrees in the coming months. That’s a whole lot of mangrove SeaTrees in Indonesia and Kenya (more on that project soon), 6,000+ coral SeaTrees in Bali, and 200,000 square feet of Giant Kelp SeaTrees in California.

 Let’s celebrate kelp! 

We have plenty to celebrate about expanding the restoration of kelp forests in 2021.  We also have our kitchens stocked with a whole range of food and drinks from ocean-minded partners to make that celebration legit. 

 Why are we celebrating? 

  1. Our partners at The Bay Foundation are quite frankly - the best. We just committed to restoring another 150,000 sq ft of Giant Kelp in Palos Verdes with Tom, Heather, and the crew at TBF.
  2. Kelp is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow 2 feet per day, and 11 percent of that growth every year is sequestered in the deep ocean as carbon.
  3. We’re about to launch a community-driven kelp forest restoration project in Monterey Bay in partnership with Reef Check and local divers. This one’s going to be fun - watch this space.
  4. Our friends at WeTransfer just committed to restoring 67,000 sq ft of kelp +++ planting 100,000 mangrove trees. More on that very soon. 


Which SeaTrees kelp-restoring partners are we celebrating with? All of them, but here's a couple we're bringing to dinner tonight: 

1. This month we’re celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th with Cambria Wines. Join Cambria and SeaTrees/ECOBOARD ambassador Ashley Lloyd for a virtual deep dive into how women, the environment, and the world of wine can work together to create a more equitable and sustainable future. Pour yourself a glass (or two) and tune in. It's free!

2. Need something to compliment that wine? Scout is all about responsibly and regionally sourced seafood, but sustainability doesn’t come second to taste when you’re working with Co-Founder and acclaimed Chef - Charlotte Langley.

Want to see all of our kelpy brand partners? Head here and scroll :)



Plant + Protect your own patch of kelp 


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