Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

Today we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day through the appreciation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). 

At SeaTrees we are fortunate to be working with a broad expanse of land and sea stewards, many of which employ TEK in their ecosystem restoration efforts. Some of our more grassroots partners like Benny Wompere in Supiori, Indonesia, are a thriving example of how the lived and learned knowledge of ecosystem functionality, is fundamental in its restoration success.
Successful restoration is never about restoring just one plant, but healing an entire ecosystem, which takes a deep awareness of our surrounding nature and maintaining our connection to it. 

Today we celebrate the invaluable wisdom, culture, and stewardship of the lands and waters by Indigenous communities around the world. We understand that to make a real and lasting impact on our planet, it is imperative to partner with local organizations made up of and run by Indigenous people. These communities have a profound connection to the environment, passed down through generations, which makes them unparalleled custodians of their ecosystems.

Their traditional knowledge offers unique insights into sustainable resource management and conservation practices, often based on principles of harmony and respect for nature.

By working hand-in-hand with Indigenous organizations, we ensure that projects are rooted in cultural respect and sustainability. These partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual understanding, trust, and a shared commitment to preserving our planet's biodiversity. The result is a more holistic and effective approach to conservation that not only safeguards our environment but also empowers Indigenous communities, allowing them to thrive while safeguarding their ancestral lands for future generations.

Together, we can amplify the positive change we strive to create, honoring both the environment and the people who have protected it for centuries.