Help us turn the holidays #BLUE

Celebrate #GivingTuesday with SeaTrees on November 29th!

Join SeaTrees on November 29 for the 10th annual GivingTuesday event. GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Since then, it has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Everyone has something to give, and every act of generosity counts. We encourage you to join the movement and give back to our Ocean Planet.

Participate in this global movement and plant your very own SeaTree this #GivingTuesday. As little as one SeaTree makes a difference in our mission to turn the tide on climate change.

We've put together this toolkit for you to share your generosity and positive impact with others. 

As part of our SeaTrees holiday celebration this year, we wanted to share with you the gift of a better future. Plant a tree in the sea for your family & friends with our SeaTrees gift cards and help them become an ocean hero this holiday season.

Tree planting gift cards are perfect for sharing the #GivingTuesday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday joy with the ones you love - and the ones who want to see a better world. 

Plant mangroves and coral reefs, or restore kelp forests and coastal watersheds in someone's name, and know you're taking one big step towards a healthier and happier Ocean Planet. 

Gift a SeaTree today and join us in celebrating the power of people and organizations to transform communities, ecosystems, and the world - together.

In the spirit of the holidays…


Make sure to wipe out your holiday travel impact! Each year around this time, almost half the people on this planet travel to visit the ones they love - so why not protect the planet you love too? On our website you can wipe out the carbon footprint and climate impact of your flight, drive, or overall annual emissions. 

Travel without guilt this holiday season and leave behind your own positive climate legacy - turning the tide on climate change with every mile.

Wipe out your travel impact here!

We pay so the planet won’t.

Encourage your biz to spend sustainably this holiday season with our SeaTrees partners at CarbonPay - the planet’s most impactful business payment card. Climate action can be simple - automatic even. We all have a responsibility to make our impact on the planet as positive as possible, and businesses have an especially important role to play. Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, the CarbonPay Business Ctrl card slots into your current environmental commitments and helps make everyday climate action simpler for your whole team.
Make everyday climate action simpler by automatically tracking and sequestering CO2 emissions with every transaction. For every $1.50 you spend, CarbonPay automatically sequesters 1kg of CO2 with SeaTrees Tokens.
The Ocean just rolled into the Global Climate Summit (COP27) taking place on the Red Sea in Egypt, and it's about time! Follow this link to register with our pals at Oceanic GlobalUNESCO, and Salesforce as the Ocean takes center stage at COP27.
The ocean is our biggest tool in turning the tide on climate change - and more often than not, it is overlooked and underutilized. By restoring coastal ecosystems (i.e. SeaTrees) around the world, we can give it the support it needs to solve the climate crisis.