Mangrove Trees Suck (CO2) - and that’s why we love ‘em

To celebrate World Mangrove Day (July 26) - we’re launching a mangrove-planting, carbon-sucking, made-to-order, customizable t-shirt featuring graphics from renowned Japanese surf/skate artist Yusuke Hanai.  

Fans of Yusuke and saving the ocean have two weeks to order their t-shirt in their style - no stress, it’s okay to get both! 

  • Premium USA-Made Organic Cotton (...think light and breezy) 
  • Heavyweight Cotton (...think old school and boxy)

Every t-shirt is made-to-order, hand screen-printed in California, delivered 3(ish) weeks from the end of the campaign, AND plants 10 mangroves in the West Papua Region of Indonesia with SeaTrees’ local planting partner, Eden Projects.


Mangrove forests suck, a LOT 

...of CO2 out of the atmosphere! 

These forests are so productive that they can suck - aka sequester - 5-10x more carbon dioxide per year than a land-based tropical forest. Sadly, their numbers have been cut in half in the past 40 years. We, You, Us, Our partners - we’re on a mission to fix that.

 Every one of the 10 mangrove SeaTrees planted through the sale of these tees helps to:

  • Create sustainable employment for 55 local families
  • Protect local villages from storm surges and sea-level rise
  • Provide critical nursery grounds for fish, shellfish, sharks and turtles
  • Sequester 680 lbs/308kg of CO2 (over the 25 year lifespan of the tree)

 World Mangrove Day? 

International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem was first adopted in 2015 by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to recognize the importance of mangrove ecosystems to coastline protection, climate change mitigation, and food security for local communities.

Together, in planting mangrove trees with t-shirts this year, we are celebrating these crucial yet vulnerable global forest ecosystems, recognized by the United Nations as the “rare, spectacular and prolific” boundary between land and sea.

Why celebrate mangroves with art? And t-shirts? And patches? 

Patch the Planet

The idea of turning quality apparel into products with a purpose by “patching” them up with inspiring artwork was brought to Sustainable Surf by advisory board member, Steve Reiss and acclaimed surf-art curator Charles Adler into the Patch the Planet campaign, to curate a suite of art from some of the world’s best surf, skate and ocean artists.

KindHumans doesn’t suck - they plant SeaTrees

We’re excited to announce that SeaTrees is now KindHumans’ ‘Planet’ non-profit partner. Every time you purchase a product from their store, you can choose to plant a mangrove SeaTree in Indonesia. KindHumans is a destination for quality, inspiring content and eco-innovative products that are ethically sourced, waste-free, recycled, up-cycled, fair trade, organic, natural, etc. – making it easier to make educated, conscious decisions and live a kinder life. #KindnessPassItOn

Yeah,  but mangroves do suck

Want to learn more about mangroves carbon sequestering powers, and how to save these super-sucking trees? Check out this guide from SloActive to take a deeper dive. And while you’re there - get yourself a new Neoprene-free outfit (made with plant-based Yulex) for your next ocean adventure.