Manhattan Beach: The Challenge of Climate Change Addressing Global Issues with Local Solutions

Join us Monday, March 2nd, with Manhattan Beach Mayor Nancy Hersman and a panel of environmental experts to learn what the City is doing to address climate change, from a local perspective.

Manhattan Beach prides itself as an environmental leader and strives to create a healthy, sustainable, and resilient city, both as a community and as a city government. The City is taking active steps toward being prepared for climate change, sea level rise, high tides, frequency of storm events, and coastal erosion. In doing so, guests are invited to learn about how the City is addressing this global issues with local solutions. Panelists will discuss:

  1. The effects of sea level rise at the City and region;
  2. How climate change affects the City and it's planning efforts
  3. How citizens as environmental stewards can contribute to a sustainable Manhattan Beach and world.

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