Newsletters Suck… so do mangrove SeaTrees

What do Japanese street art,  GoPro, and Shark Week all have in common?

Mangrove trees - of course - and their carbon-sucking (aka sequestration) superpowers, which can be 5-10X more powerful than tropical rainforests.

To celebrate World Mangrove Day, on Monday we launched a new mangrove-planting, carbon-sucking range of products featuring the sort-after art of Yusuke Hanai.

Fans of Yusuke and saving the ocean have a few options to wear their passion on their sleeve - literally.


Worried about the emissions from shipping your Yusuke gear?

We calculate the carbon emissions from shipping all our artist collab products and “wipeout” those emissions with our SeaTrees Tokens (which include certified carbon offsets and mangrove tree planting).

Global emissions from transport are definitely something to be concerned about (drive less, fly less). However, the carbon footprint of shipping a product to you is actually relatively small. For example, shipping a t-shirt to Japan from California has a carbon footprint of approximately 5 kg. For reference - the 10 mangroves the Yusuke t-shirt and/or patch plants has the potential to sequester more than 3000 kg (3 metric tons) of carbon dioxide.

Desert Dreamer, Shark Week, and Mangroves

The crew at Desert Dreamer have teamed up with Discovery Channel and PacSun on an exclusive range of clothes celebrating Discovery’s Shark Week and ocean conservation. For every piece produced for the Shark Week collection, we’ll be planting a mangrove SeaTree in Indonesia. Shark Week will begin airing on August 9 on Discovery Channel.


Support SeaTrees when you get outside this weekend - #GoProLiveIt 

Join us this Friday through Sunday for a 3-day virtual party with our friends at GoPro. Sign up for an event, share a post of you participating, and tag it with #GoProLiveIt. For each tag,  GoPro will donate $1 evenly to Challenged Athletes Foundation, GirlTrek and SeaTrees.