Stoked about Ocean Science! 🌊

Join SeaTrees pal Natalie for her upcoming webinar!

Surfers have been described as “data points”, spending much of their time in the Ocean, not only riding waves but reading swells, conditions and weather; as well as experiencing changes in and around their local surf spots.
Citizens of Surf is a project of the UN Decade of Ocean Science, endorsed under the ECOP Programme. It’s mission is to provide opportunities for surfers to engage in Ocean Science.
In this webinar, aimed at surfers and scientists alike, we take an overview of the Ocean Decade framework before zooming in to look at the synergies between challenges laid out by the UN Ocean Decade and the objectives of Citizens of Surf.
We’ll be joined by experts in the surf-science-advocacy field and plan to have an open discussion on: what are the concerns surfers have about their local Ocean what is citizen science and how might surfers participate in it why is curiosity and collaboration is the best way to fuel surfing citizen science.
Whether you’re just starting out in the whitewater, catching green waves or are on the search for barrels - join us to discover the Ocean on a deeper level and learn how to take action by becoming a surfing citizen scientist.
Disclaimer: *you don’t need to be a surfer or a scientist to attend this event, all are welcome* For more information visit: