Surfers drive 4.5 billion miles a year in the USA!!! Surf more - Drive less - bike more.

As surfers and ocean-lovers many of us are doing our best to make choices for the ocean - we like to call them #OceanPositive actions. You already know that choosing to ride a bike or walk, versus jumping in the car for short trips is better for mother-ocean, but did you know that surfers in the USA alone are driving 4.5 billion miles a year? For more on how that’s even possible – check out this new article in Surfer Magazine written by Gabriela Aoun, as well as a few choice words from Sustainable Surf’s Kevin Whilden:

“The burning of the fossil fuels from the tailpipe causes oceans to acidify as they absorb CO2,” explains Whilden. “This also warms the ocean, bleaches coral reefs, and causes kelp forests to die off. It stops ocean circulation so there’s fewer plankton which disrupts the ocean food chain...”

And while we all wish we lived close enough to walk or ride to the beach, the fact is, it’s a pretty small number of us lucky enough to have that gift. Like our friend Dr Wallace J. Nichols, we believe in the healing and enhancing power of the ocean. Which is why if you can’t walk or ride a bike to get your dose of vitamin sea - we’re all for choosing an efficient car, car-pooling with a friend (or three), and wiping out the carbon footprint of those tailpipe emissions by planting and protecting SeaTrees - #OceanPositive.

 Want to help women and girls of all shapes and colors get to the ocean? 

For the remainder of June, we’re donating $10 from the sale of every Andy Davis x SeaTrees pin to Brown Girl Surf - working to create a more diverse, joyful and environmentally reverent women's surf culture.

1 Planet - One People

We’re honored to be asked to become a climate change advisor on the newly formed 1 Planet One People collective. Founded by four African American surfers - Selema Masekela, Ryan Harris, Danielle Black Lyons, and Hunter Jones, who have come together to support climate action and social equality.
 “We believe the time is now for us to come closer together,” said 1 Planet One People cofounder Ryan Harris. “We are stronger united, not divided.”

What is your bank financing?

Who you bank your hard-earned cash with will have a huge impact on the health of the environment & people. We bank with Bank of the West - because they walk the talk about their commitment to solving climate change and empowering people. 


The materials used in the production of your clothes can have a huge positive impact. We’re big fans of the kelp and organic cotton blends that Pangaia is developing.

And if swimwear is your thing, check out SLoActive’s plant-based options, Billabong’s new eco-range - Hello Tomorrow and this brand new range from Desert Dreaming - woven from recycled Italian ECONYL.

Take action to save the seas - every day
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