Want to see change happen?

This week we’re headed to Vermont for the 2022 SeeChange Summer Summit — happening this week on Lake Champlain at the Burlington Surf Club. We’re looking forward to engaging once again in powerful talks and collaborative problem-solving workshops with an eclectic group of business and cultural creatives focused on enabling a better future for our Ocean Planet.
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The Summer Summit will include plenty of outdoor activities and water time - like foil boarding with Kai Lenny, stand-up paddleboarding, and beach volleyball with SeaTrees ambassador Jeremy Casebeer. Join us this week as we get outside and inspired by nature - to devise solutions on how to regenerate and save our Ocean Planet. 

 We’re stoked to be able to connect with like-minded individuals who time and time again strive to make a healthier and happier planet. One particular ocean-loving entrepreneur we cant wait to hear from is 1% For the Planet CEO and HULA tenant Kate Williams.

Not in Vermont? No worries, as our Ocean Positive partners at HULA, have made it free to attend the summit virtually! If you want to get in on the action, tune in from wherever you are and check out over 50 sessions, stories, and conversations. Register for your FREE or All-Access pass here.  

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And if you’re joining in virtually, don't miss a few of our favorites we can’t wait to see. Here’s the schedule!

All Week Long: Summer Summit–Labs

This year, the SeeChange Sessions have decided to switch up how participants can interact virtually - think university class, meets boardroom, meets think tank. These dynamic labs allow you to connect with the founders of incredible organizations, participate in real-world problems, debate, and discuss topics including:

  • Depolarizing America
  • Innovating with “Blue Materials”
  • Environmental Justice
  • Reimagining Rural
  • Regenerating Soil

September 15: Sway: Revolutionizing Packaging with Seaweed

We can’t wait to hear from Sway, a U.S based startup that’s harnessing the power of seaweed to create compostable replacements for single-use plastics. These innovative “blue materials” are a huge step forward in the supply chain industry - while encouraging positive change for the future of people and the planet.

So if you’re a brand looking to take your first step toward mitigating your impact, don’t forget to listen in!

September 14: Kiss the Ground: What Stories Will Move Us to Action?

Tune in Wednesday to hear from Kiss the Ground, the organization behind the Kiss the Ground documentary on Netflix that has helped "regenerative agriculture" become a household term - and a hot topic at this year's summit.

As you know, we love that term here at SeaTrees - after all, our watershed restoration project in Maui is all about it! All our SeaTrees projects are part restoration, part conservation, and part regenerative agriculture. In case you missed last week's newsletter and our video with Eddy from REC, check it out here!

This lab will resurface all the innovative topics covered in the film, highlighting how the earth's soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet.

The truth is that most U.S. soils are severely degraded, causing flooding, droughts, loss of biodiversity, & loss of farmer livelihoods. But don't worry, hope isn't lost. Regenerative agriculture is the solution! Tune in to find out more and join millions of citizens across the nation to advocate for change. Click here to check out the full agenda.


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Come join us at the Ebb & Flow show this weekend at Emeco House in Los Angeles.

The gallery donations, including raffle tickets and art sales, will go directly to supporting our SeaTrees Palos Verdes, CA kelp forest restoration project.

We love seeing all the different and creative ways that our partners are incorporating our #oceanplanet into different mediums. If you’re in the area, come check it out! Buy your tickets here.