SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands
SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands
SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands
SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands
SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands
SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands

SeaTrees Carbon Credits for Climate Neutral Brands

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Welcome Climate Neutral Brands members! 

SeaTrees mission is to reverse climate change through restoring coastal blue carbon ecosystems globally. To achieve this, we need to sequester the carbon dioxide we’ve previously emitted for decades in parallel with reducing our current CO2 emissions.

Our solution: SeaTrees Carbon Credits, which restores multiple ecosystems and blends Verra certified carbon credits with early-stage ocean restoration projects. The end result is removing more CO2 than you emit, with a positive impact on the ocean and the life it supports.

Each SeaTrees Carbon Credit purchased achieves the following:

  1. Sequesters one ton of CO2 with Verra certified carbon offsets from the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia.
  2. Plants three mangrove trees in Mida Creek, Kenya, which have the potential to sequester an additional ton of CO2 in a qualitative sense.  

Add one SeaTrees Carbon Credit to your cart for each ton of CO2 to be "wiped out".

If your carbon footprint is 10 tons of CO2, 10 SeaTrees Credits will make you “climate neutral” with 10 tons of certified carbon offsets from a coastal REDD+ project that we've personally picked for quality and multiple sustainable development benefits. These credits meet the requirements of Climate Neutral Network. Learn more about this project in the video below. 

Then, the mangrove trees planted will sequester additional CO2 in an early-stage blue carbon project. Many SeaTrees projects are either too small or too early-stage to produce a formally certified carbon credit.  However these projects also need support, and our blended model enables this support while also meeting core Climate Neutral requirements.

All purchases of Verra carbon offsets will be retired on behalf of the buyer. 

SeaTrees will provide media content and stories for your purchase of SeaTrees Carbon Credits. We take pride in our content, which will help you tell your climate positive story to customers, employees, media and other stakeholders.  

As an added bonus, achieving Climate Neutral certification will also achieve Ocean Positive status.  

If you have any questions, please contact our Partnerships Director, Haley Haggerstone:  

Note: SeaTrees also uses the term "SeaTrees Token" for the blended offset product described above.  This is not a tokenized carbon credit on blockchain, but rather a special term we use to describe a blended offset product.  

Leaving a Lighter Footprint

We all must take direct action to reduce our climate impact and live a low-carbon lifestyle.

Before you book that next flight, could you meet friends and colleagues digitally?

Before you drive to the beach, could you walk, carpool or ride a bike?

Before you order the burger - what about a vegetarian dish?

The Skies Are Soaked...

Emissions reductions alone are not enough to solve climate change. Removing CO2 from the atmosphere is critical to protecting ocean health.

We believe that planting trees and protecting ecosystems is the most effective and efficient natural way to sequester (store) CO2.

'Wiping-out’ your climate impact

What does it mean?

SeaTrees works directly with high-quality reforestation and forest protection projects around the world. Each of these projects sequester carbon, while also providing significant social and ecosystem benefits.

Put simply, you’re not just offsetting your carbon footprint, you’re having a positive impact on the ocean - #OceanPositive