SeaTrees at COP28: Advocating for Nature Positivity and Ocean Conservation

As the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) unfolds, we couldn’t be more excited to share that SeaTrees has taken the stage with a trio of impactful activations. Our presence at COP28, along side our ocean-minded ambassadors and partners, reflects a commitment to ocean regeneration, climate activism, and a profound belief in the power of nature-positive solutions.

Hope House by Time for Better - a Side Event Series at COP28

Yesterday at Time for Better's Hope House, we joined forces with some familiar faces at “Ocean and Climate Leadership: Future Dialogues," an interactive event co-hosted by ocean solutionists Mark Haver and (SeaTrees ambassador) Bodhi Patil. Together, we dove into impactful discussions on the crucial role oceans play in mitigating climate change and the urgent need to protect marine ecosystems, including the global plastics treaty, marine protected areas, high seas treaty, and blue economy. And special acknowledgment to Sierra, the founder of Time for Better, for her relentless efforts in steering the discourse toward positive change.


Joining the Nature Positive Initiative (NPI)

We’re overjoyed to announce that we received a prestigious invitation to formally become a member of the Nature Positive Initiative. This milestone aligns with our core values, placing nature at the forefront of problem-solving. The Nature Positive Initiative, set to be presented to world leaders at COP28 on December 9th, represents a paradigm shift in how environmental challenges are perceived and addressed.

The Nature Positive Initiative is a revolutionary initiative that we are proud to be part of. In collaboration with key partners, it challenges conventional problem-solving approaches and advocates for a fresh perspective, one that places nature at the center of the solution. SeaTrees' involvement in the NPI is a strategic move toward promoting a holistic, nature-positive mindset

Inside COP's Blue Zone Ocean Pavillion 

We’re excited to announce that this weekend we’ll be demonstrating the impact of visual storytelling by showcasing three of our incredible SeaTrees films in a dedicated 30-minute block inside COP's Blue Zone at the Ocean Pavillion. In collaboration with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, we’re using the universal language of storytelling to articulate crucial messages about the intersection of the ocean and climate. Attendees are urged not to miss this cinematic exposition, a testament to the power of collaboration - make sure to head over to the Ocean Pavillion on December 10th and dive into our SeaTrees stories (or turn in online!) 

Our participation in COP28 this year is purposeful, as our films serve as powerful narratives that demonstrate our commitment to the nature-positive space. By showcasing regeneration as a central theme, we aim to inspire a collective shift toward sustainable practices and a renewed focus on the health of our oceans and the planet. As the conference progresses, we’ll continue to make waves in advocating for ocean conservation, climate activism, and the vital role of nature in solving global challenges.