Gift Coral SeaTrees
Gift Coral SeaTrees
Gift Coral SeaTrees

Gift Coral SeaTrees

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Give the gift of a healthier ocean with our Coral Planting Gift Card! Plant a coral reef in the name of the ocean lover in your life.

This gift card helps restore the degraded coral reefs off the coast of the Nusa Penida region of Bali, Indonesia.

Each piece of coral you help us grow:

  • Provides sustainable employment for the people in the Nusa Penida region of Bali, Indonesia - at a time when the pandemic had devastated Bali’s tourism-based economy
  • Supports over a dozen local families
  • Creates critical habitat for 500+ species

Your piece of coral will be grown in the Ped Acropora Coral Nursery until it is transplanted onto the reefs and monitored until the coral reef rebuilds, and marine life returns to the area. This will rapidly restore biodiversity to the reef and create a new thriving ecosystem.

The conservation of these ecosystems is vital to coastal protection, scientific research, medication, fishing, eco-tourism, and more.

Read here for more information on the project you're supporting and here to learn more about Ocean Gardener.

Tax Deductible: SeaTrees is a program of 501c3 non-profit Sustainable Surf - meaning that Planting and Restoring SeaTrees is tax-deductible in the USA. Keep your donation receipt.

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