New Film: A Shifting Tide - Out Now!

We’re shifting the tide so oysters can thrive! Embark on a transformative journey with us as we pioneer marine ecosystem restoration in our latest film in collaboration with our project partners at Running Tide.

Join the ranks of surfers, ocean guardians, and protectors as we aim to increase the world’s understanding of the ocean, and make an industrial-scale effort to protect ocean health by restoring critical oyster reef ecosystems. 

Oysters play a crucial role in marine ecosystems for a multitude of reasons. These filter-feeding bivalves contribute to improved water quality and nutrient cycling, offer a secure haven for young fish and small invertebrates, and aid in mitigating coastal erosion.

Our partnership emerged from a shared passion and commitment to safeguard the ocean, as we have witnessed the alarming impacts of climate change on the sea; fueling our determination to make a difference.

Through active involvement in the restoration of oyster reefs at our new project site in Broad Cove, Maine, we are spearheading initiatives that enhance water clarity and biodiversity, forming a resilient front against the challenges posed by climate change.

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