Ocean+Positive Solution

The 3 Step process to becoming Ocean+Positive

Step 1

MEASURE your climate impact from business operations. We analyze your carbon footprint calculations and understand any additional efforts you are taking to minimize your impact.

Step 2

COMPENSATE for your overall carbon emissions via the SeaTrees Token which contributes toward a net zero and nature-positive future.

Step 3

REDUCE your remaining carbon emissions by continuing to share your progress transparently, and working with our team to communicate your brand's climate impact.

The SeaTrees Token - Blending Carbon Credits and Direct Restoration Actions

Sequesters CO2

Sequesters one metric ton of CO2 through Verra certified carbon credits from either the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia or the Colombia Pacific REDD+ Project.

Plants Mangroves

Plants three mangrove trees in Mida Creek, Kenya, where they enhance biodiversity, support sustainable livelihoods and have the potential to sequester an additional ~1 metric ton of CO2 over their lifetime.


Contributing to the Global Biodiversity Framework

A global goal to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030, with a view of full recovery by 2050.

SeaTrees supports Sustainable Development

SeaTrees supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to transform our world for good by 2030.