Climate Change

our ocean planet needs our help

Keeping earth liveable

The ocean dominates global climate and has already absorbed 90% of heat from global warming.

The ocean generates 50% of the oxygen we breathe, absorbs 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions we release, and captures 90% of the excess heat produced by these emissions. Known as our planet’s “carbon sink” - a healthy ocean is not only vital to all of our survival, but is our fundamental resolution to reversing climate change. And the way we keep our ocean healthy is by planting, protecting, and restoring blue carbon ecosystems.

Blue carbon coastal ecosystems are ground zero for detecting and reversing climate change. And despite their importance, they are one of the most threatened and fastest disappearing ecosystems on earth. The combination of climate change effects and direct human impacts are degrading these ecosystems at approximately four times the rate of tropical forests.

Here at SeaTrees, it's our mission to end this cycle.

By planting, protecting and restoring blue carbon ecosystems where they are threatened the most, we can holistically accelerate the regeneration of ocean health, while strengthening our planet’s defenses against climate change.


How can you become part of the solution?

Plant a SeaTree! We provide several options for you to get involved in reducing your climate impact and leaving behind a positive climate legacy.

Choose from a selection of SeaTrees to plant all around the world.