Your Quiver (wipe out 5x boards)
Your Quiver (wipe out 5x boards)
Your Quiver (wipe out 5x boards)

Your Quiver (wipe out 5x boards)

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100% of profits fund our mission to protect and restore coastal ecosystems - turning the tide on climate change.

Wipe out the climate impact (carbon footprint and more) of up to five of your beloved wave riding sleds (aka surfboards, SUPs, Kite-boards, etc). 

In 2017 Sustainable Surf worked with lifecycle assessment experts, Pure Strategies, to calculate the carbon footprint of surfboards made from several different materials. The results of that lifecycle study inform the number of trees being planted to make your quiver #OceanPositive. 

We will plant seven mangrove trees on Biak Island when you buy this product.

Read more about that study and why your next board should be an ECOBOARD right here.

Tax Deductible: Wiping out your impact is tax deductible in the USA. Keep your receipt!

Leaving a Lighter Footprint

We all must take direct action to reduce our climate impact and live a low-carbon lifestyle.

Before you book that next flight, could you meet friends and colleagues digitally?

Before you drive to the beach, could you walk, carpool or ride a bike?

Before you order the burger - what about a vegetarian dish?

The Skies Are Soaked...

Emissions reductions alone are not enough to solve climate change. Removing CO2 from the atmosphere is critical to protecting ocean health.

We believe that planting trees and protecting ecosystems is the most effective and efficient natural way to sequester (store) CO2.

'Wiping-out’ your climate impact

What does it mean?

SeaTrees works directly with high-quality reforestation and forest protection projects around the world. Each of these projects sequester carbon, while also providing significant social and ecosystem benefits.

Put simply, you’re not just offsetting your carbon footprint, you’re having a positive impact on the ocean - #OceanPositive