11th Hour Racing Team ⛵️

We're excited to announce our partnership with 11th Hour Racing Team to support the delivery of their Climate Action Plan. 

11th Hour Racing Team has committed to drawing down 20% more greenhouse gases than emitted for a climate-positive outcome by end of The Ocean Race 2022-23. To achieve this result, the team has partnered with SeaTrees to compensate a portion of their carbon footprint!
In addition to that support, the team is inviting its fans and followers to join the initiative in a few exciting ways.


Check out The Toolbox to measure your footprint and implement reductions, or join the team in their support of nature-based solutions to address residual impacts with the 11th Hour Racing Team Compensation Collection!


11th Hour Racing Team sailor, Francesca Clapcich (ITA) commented, “We are asking anyone who is following our team in The Ocean Race to help address their carbon footprint firstly by measuring their emissions and making reductions wherever possible. And then for the unavoidable footprint, they can purchase SeaTrees Tokens. It’s a direct way to have a positive impact on the climate and leave a positive legacy not only for the planet, but also for local communities.

There is a huge range of benefits to joining of our partnership with SeaTrees, from planting trees and protecting ecosystems, sequestering carbon dioxide and creating sustainable and long-term employment for local communities, to protecting endangered species and preserving biodiversity. I’d really encourage anyone to sign up and support these blue carbon projects that are so beneficial to the planet.”

Learn More about 11th Hour Racing Team and their commitment to our Ocean Planet here.