Tankers Reef
Monterey, CA, USA

36º36’17.6”N 121º52’48.3”W

Community-led Kelp Restoration

In partnership with Reef Check California and G2KR, we're supporting local “citizen scientists” to restore a one hectare plot of Giant Kelp forest.

*Thanks to the support of our generous brand partners, this project has been fully funded.

Next to Highway 1

In beautiful Monterey Bay

Tankers Reef is a place that anyone can visit and enjoy.

Paddle a kayak or SUP out to the restoration site from Del Monte beach–the family-friendly beach next to the Monterey Wharf breakwater.

If you’re lucky, you might even see sea otters, dolphins or sea lions in the water around the kelp forest.

Divers taking direct action

Divers identify purple urchin barrens within pre-designated areas and clear those areas with hammers.

Reef Check California then monitors the site as the kelp forest ecosystem reestablishes itself.

80% of California’s kelp forests have disappeared

In Monterey Bay, like much of California’s coast, the kelp forest are in serious decline. This is due in large part to a proliferation of purple sea urchins.

In 2014, Monterey Bay experienced an occurrence of sea star wasting disease, which removed purple urchins’ main predator; and in 2014-2015 a warm “blob” moved across the area, which created poor conditions for kelp growth. This combination of events has led to an overcrowding of purple urchins, or “urchin barrens,” that will continue to exist in a stable state if left alone.

Project partners

get involved

Local divers and ocean-lovers who want to get involved can register with Reef Check certified diver Keith Rootsaertand he’ll guide you through the entire process. Whether you’re a beginner who needs training & gear rental, or an old salt who’s ready to roll with your own dive kit.

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Sustainable Development

This project provides critical research for kelp forest restoration practices. This in turn drives other Sustainable Development benefits produced by the project.


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