Closing-the-Loop with Stella McCartney

The first luxury garment to #closetheloop

SeaTrees has recently partnered with Stella McCartney, an international luxury fashion brand whos vision is that all materials will be created using regenerative systems designed to restore our planet or use close-the-loop circular materials – crafted from waste and designed to never become waste again. It is their hope that all materials can one day either biodegrade harmlessly or be captured and recycled infinitely.

The brand acknowledges that its responsibility for the materials that it puts out into the world does not end at the point of sale – committing to keeping those fabrics in circulation through repair services. When products do reach their end of life, Stella McCartney is now piloting close-the-loop takeback schemes to recycle them into new materials, of which this parka is the first example.

In line with this perspective, for every Stella McCartney Close-the-Loop parka sold, they are planting a mangrove tree in support of SeaTrees! With their support, we will plant and protect mangrove forest ecosystems in the Biak Island Region of West Papua Indonesia, contributing to the restoration of this vital ecosystem – one of the most biodiverse on Earth. It was previously highly degraded by human activities, with 75% of the island’s estuaries deforested.

Introducing the Close-the-Loop parka made from ECONYL® nylon 

The entire jacket is made from this infinitely regenerable material – able to be repurposed into new yarns and redesigned, over and over again.

How it works:

  1. Plastic waste is removed from landfills to produce ECONYL® yarn
  2. Waste gets turned into a new product
  3. Because of this, they do not need to create and extract new resource-intensive virgin materials

We're excited to see what new innovations will come out of Stella McCartney in the future as they continue to create products that better our planet and society.