POCHÉ - The Ocean Spirit Collection 🐚


SeaTrees brand partner, POCHÉ have just launched their Ocean Spirit collection that plants one mangrove SeaTree for every product sold!

If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's gift, look no further. Shop the Ocean Spirit collection for a gift that gives back!

About the Collection: 

Explore the alluring Ocean Spirit collection, a mesmerizing fusion of POCHÉ visionary creativity, curated by directors Tati and Nadiya. Inspired by the crystalline depths of the ocean, this collection effortlessly combines the grace of Nautilus shells with fluid curves, capturing the three-dimensional charm of the marine world. More than just custom jewelry, POCHÉ creations signify a deep connection to the essence of water, going beyond individuality and embracing the expansive spirit woven into life's narrative.


About POCHÉ:

POCHÉ is a demi-fine jewellery line for those who want to make an impact. Crafted, hand-finished pieces are unapologetic in their experimental combinations of bright colours, materials and shapes. The one-of-a-kind designs speak for themselves — and they make a statement.

Feel confident. Feel different. Feel yourself.

POCHÉ is made to stand out. Whether layered on an eccentric look or adding punch to a minimal moment, it is the link between your vision of yourself and the vibe you put into the world. Funky and accessible pieces that can be worn over and over, becoming iconic to you.

Never classic, but still chic. Outside the trend cycle yet on point. Effortlessly cool, with a conscience.