Venus Plants SeaTrees for Oceans Month! 🌊🌱

Our partners at VENUS are excited to celebrate World Oceans Day not only today - but every day! First declared in 1992, this global conservation initiative unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our amazing ocean.
In honor of National Oceans Month to celebrate their partnership with SeaTrees, VENUS has committed to capturing and removing carbon from the atmosphere, reforesting coastal ecosystems, and supporting the communities around them by planting mangrove trees. 

They will be donating $1 from every sale of the SeaTrees Swim Collection for the entire month of June! Each donation will be put toward planting mangrove trees at our project site in Mida Creek, Kenya.

We are thrilled to partner with VENUS as they continue to do their part in helping regenerate our Ocean Planet and turn the tide on climate change. 

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