Dive into The Beauty Below

 Dive into the depths of the Mediterranean with us in "The Beauty Below," an exploration of Mallorca's underwater world. In this film, we venture beyond the bustling town and winding roads, diving deep into the azure waters that house a hidden paradise.

The dedicated team at MedGardens, a project of the Cleanwave Foundation and project partner of our SeaTrees program, leads the restoration and protection of these intricate ecosystems thriving beneath Mallorca's ocean surface. Through pioneering innovative techniques and community engagement, they are reviving these threatened seagrass and algae habitats, ensuring a thriving new ecosystem and sustainable future for generations to come. 

Join us in celebrating the resilience of Mallorca's island community and the enduring bond between land and sea. Watch “The Beauty Below” today and get inspired to take your own #oceanpositive action by restoring seagrass below.