Happy World Oceans Day from SeaTrees!

Why are we celebrating our Ocean Planet today on World Oceans Day?

     A: Only liveable world in the known universe.
    B: Makes the best waves in our solar system.
    C: Produces over half the oxygen we all breathe.
    D: Creates food, jobs, and joy for billions of people.
    E: All of the above…

We're going with option E – and that's without mentioning the superpower ocean ecosystems have to reverse the negative impacts of climate change.

But even with all that going for it, the last 100+ years of human activity have dramatically harmed the health of our Ocean Planet, and it needs our help to bounce back and sustain us all for the future. This is why we have been busy the last few years creating a global network of SeaTrees coastal ecosystem restoration projects around the world.

Today we invite you to celebrate the United Nations / World Oceans Day 2022 by taking a deep dive into our coral, kelp, mangrove, and watershed restoration projects; and be sure to tune into the UN's live event happening all day today, featuring amazing speakers like Dr. Sylvia Earle, artists, musicians and more, as they explore this year's official WOD theme: "Revitalization: collective action for the ocean."

And if all this leaves you feeling revitalized and inspired to take action for healthier oceans too, then you're in luck – because we've made it easier (and faster) than ever for you to act now by directly supporting one of our SeaTrees projects below. 

Where in the world are the SeaTrees projects?

Since the launch of SeaTrees in 2019, we have been working to create a global network of incredible projects focused on regenerating the health of blue carbon coastal ecosystems. And by planting, protecting, and restoring coastal ecosystems around the world through our core conservation partners, SeaTrees supports both the people and the ecological systems they live in.

Check out this video on our Instagram to learn more about where you can find SeaTrees projects across our #oceanplanet.


SeaTrees makes it possible for each and every one of us to take action and directly support ocean regeneration around the world, with just the click of a button. We built SeaTrees as a service for brands and individuals to make a tangible and direct difference as a part of their everyday life. 

Whether it's planting a mangrove tree, restoring kelp forests, regenerating coastal watersheds, or growing a coral reef, there’s no action too small.

For reference, growing even just ONE single coral fragment:
  • Provides sustainable employment for the local community members
  • Supports over a dozen local families
  • Creates critical habitat for over 500 marine species

Imagine what growing an entire coral reef would do! So we invite you all to join us in this mission to take collective action to reverse climate change and save our ocean planet.

Take a deep dive into restoring ocean health with us this World Oceans Day and click on any of the links below to plant your very OWN tree in the sea.