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For the love of our Ocean Planet

Each year on Valentine's Day, millions of gifts are unwrapped, millions of roses are gifted, millions of bottles are popped, and millions of cards are sent across the country. But have you ever thought about where all that waste goes once the celebrations end? Or what impact these exchanges have on our Ocean Planet?

According to estimates by the International Council on Clean Transportation, Valentine's Day flowers grown internationally and flown to U.S. airports produced some 360,000 metric tons of CO2. That's roughly equivalent to 78,000 cars driven for one year. With that in mind, consider making your Valentine's Day #OceanPositive this year!

Why not try trees instead of flowers this year? Here are a few tips to make this day of love a more eco-conscious one: 

Every small action we take, including the products we purchase and the brands we invest in, can make a difference - one rose (or tree) at a time. So share your love this year with our planet, ocean, and everyone who calls them home. 

Check out some positive actions you can take this year. Click on any of the options below to get started!


 If you're interested in experiencing all the wonders our Ocean Planet has to offer, check out these SeaTrees partners who are encouraging people to take climate action outdoors. We're stoked to partner with these incredible brands, dedicated to getting outside, adventuring together, and turning the tide on climate change.

Pedal for the Planet

This year, SeaTrees has partnered with Climate Ride, a nonprofit organization that changes lives through sports like cycling and hiking, and drives philanthropic impact for the sustainability movement.

By mobilizing people to protect the planet, Climate Ride empowers us to actively engage in environmental efforts by completing a multi-day outdoor endurance cycling and hiking event, while fundraising through their grants program to support climate, conservation, and active transportation.

 We are lucky enough to be one of the beneficiaries of the Climate Ride grant, and we hope you will consider participating in one of their events in 2023! Run, bike, or hike - as long as you get out there and enjoy all that our Ocean Planet has to offer. 

Help us turn the tide on climate change and select SeaTrees as a beneficiary when you register for one of their events. 100% of the funds raised on Green Fondo will be granted to SeaTrees if you select us, helping us continue to restore coastal ecosystems around the world. 

The Green Fondo event takes place in beautiful areas all around the U.S., where cyclists camp overnight, enjoy food and drink, live music, and meet new friends. 

Register for a 2023 Climate Ride event today and use code ‚ÄúSeaTrees‚ÄĚ for 50% off registration!

Local Ride: Green Fondo SoCal ‚ÄĒ Near Solvang & Santa Barbara ( March 10 - 12, 2023 )
 Be a part of creating a positive impact for the future - we’ll see you out there!


Speaking of Adventures

Our partners at Lodestar have created the first-ever outdoor adventure-planning app that incorporates the betterment of the planet.

This year, they have partnered with SeaTrees to make it easier than ever to make every trip you take climate positive.

And check this out -  when you purchase an annual membership, Lodestar will donate $15 directly toward planting mangrove trees and restoring kelp forests with SeaTrees!

Start planning your climate-positive outdoor adventures HERE (and don't forget to use promo code: SEATREES-15)!