Supiori, Indonesia

Waryesi Village, Papua, Indonesia

Rooted in Community

The project aims to enhance the condition of mangrove forests in Waryesi Supiori, Papua, Indonesia, employing a participatory, community-based strategy. This involves conducting awareness programs and capacity-building initiatives focused on restoration aspects. SeaTrees has partnered with Benyamin Wompere (Benny), a dedicated community member, to lead and initiate a pilot mangrove restoration project with a local Supiori community group to enable the planting of 2,500 seedlings within their local village.

Why is this project needed?

Mangrove forests offer several ecological and environmental benefits to the island.

a critical ecosystem

Mangrove Benefits

Beyond ecological benefits, this project fosters community participation and a shared commitment to preserving local resources. In supporting this endeavor, individuals like Benny and village leaders play a vital role in building a sustainable future, where the community actively contributes to the well-being of both their surroundings and future generations.